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Journal of Black Psychology

About this journal

Journal of Black Psychology (JBP) presents the most innovative peer-reviewed, empirical, theoretical, and methodological research on the behavior and experiences of Black and other populations from Black or Afrocentric perspectives. The journal offers complete and balanced coverage of the latest advances through original articles and special features such as Research Briefs, Essays, Commentary, and Media Reviews.

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The COVID 19 Pandemic and Its Effect of the People of African Descent

The Psychology of Black Activism in the 21st Century

JBP Special Issue: Black Children and Suicide


Submission Information

  1. Submit the manuscript through the journal’s portal and create an account:
  2. Evaluation: The manuscript will be reviewed by a review panel and authors will be notified of the decision within 45 to 60 days of submission.
  3. Submission of a manuscript does not guarantee eventual publication, as all manuscripts will be peer-reviewed as per the protocol with submissions to The Journal of Black Psychology.


Note: All authors who have submitted a manuscript may be asked to serve as a reviewer on one or two other manuscripts considered for inclusion in this Special Issue.